SaturnPSU FAQ’s

What Regions & Versions is the SaturnPSU compatible with?
The SaturnPSU is compatible with all regions and all known versions of the Saturn power supply (Type A, B & C).

Does this work with the Rhea / Phoebe or Original Console?
It works with both.

How is it powered?
The SaturnPSU is powered by an external “wall wart” switching power brick via a DC Barrel Jack similar to what you would find on a Router.
Don’t forget, the cheaper the power supply is, the more likely there is going to be visual noise or quality issues.

Is a power brick included?
NO, a power brick is not included, however, 12v power bricks are readily available on Amazon, eBay and other online stores.

Do you have links to recommended power supplies?
The links below are known to be working without issue with the SaturnPSU.
If you are can confirm that a power supply from a country that isn’t listed below work’s without issue / noise, let me know and I can include it in the list below.

UK 12v 3A:
US 12v 2A:
Spain 12v 3A:

What specification power brick do I need?
A Saturn without mods installed, a 12v 2A power supply should be fine, but 3A or more is recommended.

What size DC Jack do I need?
The SaturnPSU will need a switching power supply with a 2.5mm inner diameter and 5.5mm outer diameter jack (5.5×2.5mm).

What polarity power supply do I need?
Centre positive. See the symbol below for reference.

What if i have interference on my screen?
Be sure you are using a good quality power supply, A cheap $5 power supply from eBay or amazon is probably not going to play nice with the DreamPSU / SaturnPSU. Be sure to get a power supply from a well known manufacturer.

What is the difference between SaturnPSU and PicoPSU?
The SaturnPSU is REALLY easy to install, requires no soldering and has easily accessible pins for 12v and 5v along with a power jack that attaches to the rear of the console without any modifications.

What color will the SaturnPSU be?
The SaturnPSU will be matte black.

What color will the Rear adapter be for the SaturnPSU?
The SaturnPSU will include 1x black rear adapter.

Can I plug the SaturnPSU directly into a 110v / 240v wall socket?
NO!! You will kill the SaturnPSU and possibly the Saturn. You need to use a 12v DC power brick/adapter like the one recommended above.

Is there a warranty?
The SaturnPSU does not come with a warranty (I’m not a huge company like Walmart), every SaturnPSU will be fully tested prior to shipping.
The SaturnPSU is a modification to your console that you perform at your own will, and RetroPSU will not be held accountable for any issues that arise by installing the SaturnPSU.
If you are having issues with the SaturnPSU you received, please contact me here.

How do you install the SaturnPSU?
A full install guide for the SaturnPSU can be found here.