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Response to your comments and PM’s

No fluff update to some questions and accusations I’ve seen pointed in my directions. This will be blunt answers, so i apologies for the language.

“Are you on holiday?
No I’m not on holiday, I wish i was.

I’am not a theif by any stretch of the imagination and i resent the accustation.  I have put my fucking heart and soul into this goddamn product and its going tits up. Its been a fucking disaster as im sure you would all agree.  I did not set out on this campaign with the intention of ripping anyone off or not delivering the products.
“Can you change manufacturer?”
No, not really. They manafacturer i chose to use was nothing but curtious and a pleasure to work with during the DreamPSU campaign, as a result i chose to work with them again and they have been paid for there work upfront. Maybe that was a dumbass move by me, but what can i do, its business on there terms. Apprently i made a huge fucking mistake because they have done nothing but fuck me AND you over, send me a string of endless excuses like not getting any of my emails for like 6 months straight. They told me in like April last year that they had the PSU’s all packed and ready to ship. That was a flat out lie that i forwarded to you without knowing it was a lie. Along with all the other bullshit they have told me.
“Why havent you responded to my emails/messages/comments?”
Cause ive been ill, i dont mean that ive been feeling poorly kind of ill, I mean, trying to commit suicide 3 times in the last 8 months type of ill.  Do you care? Probably not. Did i want to tell you that? hell no. Im a very private person and i hate sharing my issues with people when it doesnt concern them. The last thing i wanted to do was  tell you lot about this shit because thats a fucking cop out, it feels like im playing some kind of card just to get out of this shit. I’ve had depression and anxiety for the last 10 years at least, ive always tried to get though it and not let it beat me. But this campaign and everything surrounding it has beaten me.
Im both mentally drained and exhausted, Im sorry, Im a human with issues. And i can now see i should never have bothered with this second campain.


“Are you even trying anymore?”
100%, I am still emailing the manufacturer every week in the vein hope i get a reply.  My house is full of boxes, cables, connectors and everything else i need to get these shipped, EXCEPT the damn PSU’s. There is literally nothing i can do until i get a reply from the manufacturer.
I have told the manufacturer, just send me the products i ordered in whatever damn state it is in, even if they arnt working, or arnt packaged correctly, or not made up, i dont care, just send them to me, i will sit and make them all by hand if i have to. It kills me that you guys arnt getting what you paid for, it makes my fucking stomach ache when i think about that shit.

“Where is the pictures of the updated design?”

Here you go, Its only one picture, there isnt really much else to show to be honest.  Im not happy with the matte black finsh, i thought i would like it so i was happy when you picked it as the finish, but it seems like it doesnt clean up well after going through the reflow oven.


“Can i get a refund?”
Yes, I have never once in the history of either campaign refused a refund to anyone. Whilst there is money for a refund, it will be granted.
If you want one, email me your order number to and i will try to get back to you within 48 hours.

“If i can get a refund, why don’t you reply?”
See: “Why haven’t you responded to my emails/messages/comments?”

Extra Comment:
I would just like to say, I have received a few messages from people who have been extremely kind and understanding and very much read between the lines in the previous few updates and i wanted to publically say thank you, I cannot express how much those messages meant to me given the current circumstances.