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On We March

Sorry for the lack of updates, yet again.

First of all, Just to clarify, This update and all previous updates apply to both the DreamPSU and the SaturnPSU.

The manufacturer received the boards i sent them for testing and troubleshooting. They have checked them over and insist that those too don’t work, However, i have been using those boards for in my own consoles for the last 6 months without issue. So, where does this leave us? They have sent me 10 of each the DreamPSU and the SaturnPSU, I will then sit and test every single one of them and see if they work, if they work, we will be moving on with distribution. If they don’t, then the work will continue on trying to figure out what the hell has happened.

According to DHL, They samples they are sending me should be here on Wednesday the 11th I will spend the few days after fully testing them and then i will post an update on Friday the 13th (oh boy).

I really am thankful for all of your support, I know this is a short update and I’m sorry for that.