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Happy Chinese New Year – 恭贺新禧

Hey Everyone,

As I’m sure you can guess from the title, this isn’t going to be a very fulfilling update.
I have asked the manufacturer to clarify to me exactly how many PSU’S have been fully manufactured and how many have not been manufactured. I have asked this question 4 different times over the last 6 months and had a different reply each time.

The first reply was “they have all been manufactured”, the second was that some had been manufactured until they spotted the issue and then stopped, then it was that only the samples they sent to me was manufactured, now I’m just waiting for the 4th answer. Which brings me onto the next point.

Happy Chinese New Year.
Due to the new year, I haven’t had any response to my emails, which is to be expected, however i thought the new year started on the 28th Jan, the last email i got was on the 23rd, urgh.
Once that email arrives, i will update you with the contents of it, boring or otherwise.

I Learnt some stuff from the DreamPSU indiegogo campaign, so hopefully shipping wont be as stressful this time round, i have a nice little workbench with some crappy notebook, a label printer and all the things needed to be shipped, now i just need some PSU’s to put with them and i can ship them out.