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Hey Everyone,
So here is the update for the SaturnPSU, Although i was able to get the sample boards working, after sending the information to the manufacturer, they was able to get a board working too, except, it only appears to work intermittently. They can test the board 10 times and it will work without issue, but then it might not work the next 2-3 times. Intermittent issues are a nightmare, we still are not sure why this is happening, the prototype i made up prior to manufacturing worked without fail every single time.
So this is the plan the manufacturer has emailed me and asked to confirm if its OK.

1. They are re-making the SaturnPSU PCB’s
2. They are going to try a different chip supplier.
3. Checking the assembly.

Obviously the big question everyone will want to know is, How long will this take / will the delay be?
Honest answer, I have no idea, This could be over with tomorrow, it could be (heaven forbid) another month. If we knew exactly what the issue was, then i would be able to give a more precise answer.
I understand this is frustrating not only for you, but myself also.
I just wanted this to go smoothly so i can start on all those requests that have been flooding my inbox about doing, such as the PS1 or PS2.

No matter how long it takes, we will sort this out and like i said before, you will receive your order, all i request is some patience and understanding.

I truly am sorry for this, and hope it doesn’t sour your view on the project.