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Decisions Decisions

Hey Everyone,
First off all, no real “news” yet, but see below for what’s basically going on and why the hell this is taking so long.

This is the way it worked with the manufacturing process…
I arrange for my design to be made up by a PCBA company, I supply the parts list and design files, They (the PCBA Company) then source the parts for the PSU, then they receive those parts and assemble the board, they then ship them to me and i ship them to you.

Back in May i thought we was at the “They ship the PSU’s to me” stage due to there emails saying “we are shipping”. However, they (the PCBA Company) hadn’t actually tested any of the boards they had made despite telling me they was going to be shipped within a few days. So i tell them that’s fine, get the boards tested and when that’s done, let me know when they will actually be shipped.
2 weeks pass and they contact me with “the boards have failed the test”, bare in mind that although the SaturnPSU design was new, both myself and the PCBA company had assembled a prototype board and confirmed that it was working without issue. So why is it now not working? Well, that is the mystery.
I double checked the information i sent them, they double checked the PCB’s and the soldering, everything looked fine, This went on for over a month, so i ask them to send me some “sample” boards and they did, a week later i receive the boards and test them, indeed, they didn’t work.
So i check the component values, there was one resistor that was wrong, I checked the datasheet and although it was wrong on the parts list i sent, it was correct according to the datasheet, so we figure maybe it was just that, i test it, it failed.

So i contact the manufacturer of the chip itself and explain everything, they asked me to perform some tests, which i did and they tests they suggested passed, they then said the design is without issue, the component values are correct it should work.

So just to see, i replace the chip on the sample board i received from the manufacturer with one from my own supply… it worked.

So i go back to the PCBA manufacturer and explain the situation, they said they will contact there supplier and see what they say. I have been in contact with the PCBA manufacturer once or twice a week for the last 2 months (ish) trying to get this crap sorted. They are waiting for information from there supplier.

So what happens when they get the information from there supplier? Well, this is where the decisions come in, either they offer a solution to the issue or we replace all of the chips on the PSU’s with either a new type of chip or ones from a new supplier.

100% Honesty, i have no idea how long this will take.
I am hounding them trying to get an answer, i wanted this to be over with in May, not October or later. Some people have asked “are they going to be shipped by Christmas?” I would LOVE to tell you yes, but i just cant do it. It breaks my heart every-time i post an update to this website because its hard to know im frustrating so many people by not being able to supply something that should have been a quick turn around off the back of an already successful DreamPSU campaign.

I swore i would never be one of those campaigns that just fails to deliver with some lame ass excuses. So we WILL get this sorted, i just wish i could give you an honest date as to when it will happen.

So what happens now?
We wait, and i hate to say it, but that’s the only thing i can do at the moment.

When i say this, i really mean it, but i want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for not ripping me to pieces and for the times you do contact me, its with courteousness and understanding, It really is making this horrible situation a little easier to deal with.

Thank you for your continued time and patience.