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Hey Everyone,
First of all, i just want to publicly thank and apologise to everyone who messaged me there support after the last update, I apologise for any worry it caused and it was never my intention, but i very much appreciate the messages of support and help offered, I swear I’m not going to go on a rant, and i will try and limit oversharing of current state of mind. But i will say that i am seeking professional help with the mental side on things in the hope that it… well.. helps.

Lets get the easy bit out of the way first.
I still haven’t had any contact from the manufacturer. Honestly, I’m not surprised, the last contact i did have was them basically saying they will “check with the team”, which obviously either hasn’t happened or they are bullshitting me because that was back before Chinese New Year.

Now for the hard bit,
I cannot explain how many times i have tried to write this update and to try and work out how i say this.

After the last update, understandbly, a lot of people wanted refunds, and like i said in the last update, i havent refused a refund and if they wanted one then they could have one, to give you an idea of how many refunds were being issued, PayPal blocked me from sending refunds for a few days and the bank contacted me asking to express concern and confirm transactions.

After all the refunds i have issued, there is no money left, and honestly, i dont know what to do.
I cant get the money back from the manufacturer.
I cant get the promised products back from the manafacturer.
I cant issue any more refunds.
I have no product to send the people i cant refund.

I contacted indiegogo about a week ago now explaining the situation and how do i handle it, but i have not had heard back from them yet.

I have been offered help from a lot of people who are in China and i did agree to share some information with a person on the basis they try and contact the company from within china and by a native speaker, however the responce back was they couldnt contact them. at least not at the phone number they provided me.

I know a few of you wanted me to publically “shame” and release information about the company. I was 100% in agreement, i would love to share that info because as far as im concerned, that company should never have a customer again. However, I have spoke to a lawyer in regards to releasing that information and they advise me not to so, at least not just yet.

So what happens now?
To be completely honest, i dont know.
The only thing i can do is continue trying to retrive either the money or the product.
If i get the money, that will obviously be redistributed among all customers.
If i get the product then it will be a case of sending those out as and when i can afford to pay the shipping costs which obviously might take a while.
If i get nothing at all? I dont know…
The only thing i can think of releasing the original schematics, BOM and relevant files for both the DreamPSU and the SaturnPSU, I dont know what else i could possibly do to make up for all of this.

I have tried to do what i promised, I failed. Was it directly my fault? No, but I’m the guy you trusted, so i feel like im 100% responsible for this momumental mess.
I dont know what else to say apart from, Im sorry.