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1 Down 1 To Go

Hey Everyone,

I’m a week late, I very much apologise for that, i have been awaiting an email from the chip manufacturer during this time and as there wasn’t much to update you all on, it seemed kind of redundant to post an update saying “nothing to update”.

As the title says, 1 issue down, 1 more to go, We have managed to fix one issue so far, but it has revealed another issue that was hiding in the background. I am just in contact now with the chip manufacturer who is sending over some information at some point about how to try and combat this issue. So fingers crossed, this solves the issue and we can move on and start the process of getting these shipped out to you 🙂

I will post an update as soon as there is something worthwhile posting.
Thank you for all your support and reassurances via email, it really is very much appreciated.